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Adult rabbits require a health check and vaccination annually to protect them from Calcivirus, which is a fatal disease.

Teeth Trimming

Some rabbits have real trouble with their teeth not wearing down. Lack of hay and other roughage is a major factor. If your rabbit is losing weight, not eating well or the teeth are obviously too long they will need them trimmed. Toys and hard chews will help wear teeth down also.

Flea Treatment

Yes, rabbits get fleas! Advantage is the ONLY safe flea treatment should you need to treat your rabbit (talk to us about when and why to treat your rabbit especially if you have other pets).


A mixture of hay, fresh grass and rabbit pellets should be fed. Fruit and vegetables can be fed in small quantities (not exceeding 20% of the total diet). Pellets should not be fed exclusively as this is a major cause of overgrown teeth.


All male rabbits living with a female should be neutered unless they are to be used for breeding, otherwise, you’ll have baby rabbits before you know it! Females together can also be aggressive towards each other. Speying reduces this behaviour and prevents uterine adenocarcinoma (cancer of the womb) and pyometra (womb infection).

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