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New Kitten Care


Kittens require a series of vaccinations usually at 8 and 12 weeks of age to protect them from the cat flu viruses (Rhinotracheitis, Calcivirus) and Panleukopenia. These diseases can be fatal. Your kitten will also be given a health check at the same time to detect any problems.

  • Kittens should be kept exclusively indoors until 10-14 days after their final vaccination. Protection from diseases may not be absolute until after this time.


Kittens need to be wormed every 2 weeks from 2 weeks of age, then monthly from 3 months of age to prevent a worm burden from developing. Good worming products include Milbemax and Drontal. When they are 6 months old, you can start them on the adult worming regime every 3 months.

Flea Treatment

All year round preventative flea treatment is necessary in Northland due to the high environmental challenge, Advantage is safe to use from 6 weeks of age and Frontline Plus is safe from 8 weeks of age.


Kittens have a very sensitive digestive system and are prone to diarrhoea with sudden changes in diet, so introduce any new diet slowly over 7-10 days mixing it in with the old food. All kittens need to be fed a diet that is complete and balanced. Check what you are feeding - if it does not contain both these words ‘complete and balanced’ the diet does not contain all the nutrients and vitamins for optimal health. Kitten food should be fed until 12 months of age.


Neutering is usually done at 5-6 months of age. We recommend all cats should be neutered (unless used for breeding purposes) which helps control the already overburdened animal population as well as preventing health problems.


Microchipping is not compulsory for cats but it is recommended. It dramatically increases the chances of you getting your cat back should they get injured, go missing, or be stolen.

Remember to ask for a free Hills Best Start Kit when you bring your kitten in for its first vaccination!

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