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Dry Cow Therapy

Large Animals​ - Dry Cow Therapy

Hygiene is REALLY important when inserting DC tubes: Poor DCT administration can have disastrous consequences.

  • Always use FRESH wipes that are alcohol moist and really scrub the teat. Use a separate wipe for every quarter ie 4 teat wipes per cow. Use more than one wipe per teat if really dirty/necessary.
  • Clean the end of the teat thoroughly,  the sides are less important.
  • Insert the intramammary immediately after cleaning…do one teat at a time (it is probably best to not even release your hold on the teat to ensure no contamination).
  • Insert the tube only a little way into the teat (helps a better plug to form).
  • Teat spray every cow after DCT.
  • Do small mobs only and don't rush the job. Ensure it is done carefully!
  • Wear gloves.
  • Record and mark treated cows, check the Withholding Time.
  • Put cows out onto clean pasture.
  • Check udder in 10 days time and then recheck in 14 days. Check in the shed rather than during a paddock check where infections can be missed.
  • Reduce feed to maintenance 6kg DM/cow/day for 10 to 14 days.


  • A high BMSCC costs a lot of production.
  • Each 100,000 increase in BMSCC leads to a 1-3% drop in production.
  • At $6/kg MS & 100,000kg MS production & only 2% drop……$12,000 lost income

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