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Puppy Pre-School

Puppy Pre-School

We have been running puppy pre-school here at the clinic since 2005. It is run by our experienced veterinary nurses who will be able to help you sort out those pesky puppy problems such as chewing all your shoes!!
Why does my puppy need puppy pre-school?

Early socialisation is extremely important for puppies. They need a wide range of experiences and interactions for them to grow into confident adult dogs. Puppies who do not get socialised can easily turn into fearful aggressive dogs. Puppies important socialisation period is between 3-16 weeks of age where the more things that they can see, do and experience in this time the better. One problem is a puppy’s protection from vaccination is not absolute until 10-14 days after their last vaccination which is given at 16 weeks. As they should not be taken out into public until they are fully protected waiting until then to socialise your puppy misses the best opportunity you have to shape your puppy into the dog you want.

One problem with early socialisation is lack of vaccination protection until about 16 weeks of age, experiencing the big wide world has to wait until then but Puppy School enables earlier socialisation.

We are able to begin socialisation because we are doing so in a controlled environment, where all the puppies are vaccinated and the clinic is a clean safe environment.
When are the classes?

Classes are alternate between Tuesday evenings at 6.15 pm & Wednesday evenings at 6.30 pm but occasionally vary, please call the clinic on 09 4351924 to find out details for our next class.
How much do classes cost?

Puppy Pre-school costs $160 for 4 classes and you receive weekly training handouts, information on healthcare, a milpro wormer, a Nexgard flea treatment, and a graduation pack including a bag of Royal Canin puppy biscuits. All of our puppies also receive a 15% discount at neutering if done before they are a year old (Total Value of over $270)

What can I expect to learn?

The classes cover basic training and correct techniques for training. Help in solving puppy problems, house training, biting, chewing, jumping etc. Up to date information regarding healthcare and how to best care for your pup. There’s lots of fun involved in watching the puppies learning to interact with each other and play. Socialisation doesn’t need to be boring!  

Please don't hesitate to get in touch to book your dog for the next puppy school semester. Call 09 4351924 or email below.

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